___dulce_dreams (ex_laura_oka677) wrote in holesinears,

Hi I am new to this community and to ear gauges.

Yesterday I got my ears pierced to an 8 gauge. The person at the shop I go to (pretty much the only one I could ever trust in RI, mostly because I have been going there for a long time and also because they are so knowledgeable and sterile) told me this would be the easiest way to start out. I want to keep them at a fairly small gauge because I need a basic first job before I get a fancier job that will allow me to have them (when I say fancy I mean either a fairly alternative clothing or art/craft supplies store...eventually I want to work at a salon or something artsy that will hopefully allow them too, but that is after I graduate either college or beauty school)but I do have a few questions about ear gauging that I was hoping you guys could answer.
1. What are your experiences with employment in regards to your ear gauges?
2. What is the biggest gauge you think I could pull off while still being able to have a job with a strict policy on body modifications?
3. How exactly do gauge sizes work? I'd really like someone to explain this to me as I haven't quite figured it out. The bigger the number the smaller the gauge is right?
4. How big can you get without pretty much always having slits in your ears if you eventually decide you don't want them anymore?
Thanks for all your help.
Oh and feel free to add me if you wish. Just comment in my friend's only post if you are going to do so.
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