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questions, questions, everyone has questions..

Hullo! I'm Ms. Bee, and new here.

I've been stretching my ears for over a year now, and I've stopped around at 00s. I also dabble in clay, and one day I got bored and made myself some plugs with some molding clay, and they hold up well. I can't quite make tapers well, but short or long plugs are grand. I'm able to make a variety of colours and designs, including swirls, designs on both sides (reversibles? oh my!), and alot of other cute things. glitter is fun to use too.
now, my question is this: I'm still just learning, but these are already very cute and all my friends want them. does anyone think it'd be a profitable thing if I made custom plugs? would you guys buy them, theoretically?

I'm not trying to spam, and I'm sorry and I'll delete this if I am, but... feedback would be peachy and I'd definately value all your opinions, including prices. I can't find plugs for much less than 15-20$, but I thought 10 or so would be fair, per pair.

what do ya think? I might try taking pictures, and maybe trying a website, or just in town. sound square?
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